Hobe Sound Palm Trees Prices
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Prices F.O.B   6121 SE 138th Street, Hobe Sound , FL. Prices and availability subject to change    date  2-2016 Wholesale Policy- Any person or entity who does not fall under the following titles of landscape / lawn maintenance companies, nurserymen or active building contractors with current licenses on file is not subject to wholesale pricing and is considered a retail customer. Wholesale pricing Name      Overall Height Price All Coconut Palm Trees individually priced depending on gray wood, caliber, curves. Trees range from 6 feet of gray wood to 16 feet of gray wood. All coconut tress have been treated for white fly Roebelenii Field Grown S 4’ to 8’ Call Roebelenii Field Grown D 4’ to 9’ Call Roebelenii Field Grown T/Q 4’ to 9’ Call Washingtonians Field Grown S/D 12’-16’ OAH Call Washingtonians Field Grown S/D 16’-30’ OAH Call European Fans Field Grown 2’to 6’ Call Bismarckia Field Grown 2 to 3 CT Call Bismarckia Field Grown 15’ to 35’ OAH Call p/ft OAH S = single / D = double / T = triple / Q = Quad  
Phone 772-349-0049 palms@hobesoundpalms.com