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These stately palms make impressive borders as well as beautiful specimen trees. Growing to heights up to 70', these palms can withstand wet climates with bright light.  The smooth, gray trunk with the trademark bulging base is contrasted by the dark green leaves that are often 10' in length.  This royal palm is somewhat more drought- tolerant than the Florida species.
If there's one tree that is instantly identified with the tropics, it's the spectacular coconut palm.  Growing to heights of 50-80', the trunks may be straight or curved with leaves that can be 15' or longer.  These trees adapt best to coastal locations and above freezing winter temperatures.  High rainfall encourages more rapid growth.  The coconut fruit, oil, and even the husks and leaves are useful products. 
The pygmy date palm can be a single, rather slender trunk, but often is grown as charming multiples.  The crown of leaves is thick with graceful leaves.  These trees grow slowly to heights of 10' in a variety of soil and light conditions.  These trees remain green and beautiful regardless of many weather conditions.  They can be trimmed to reveal their slender trunks or left un-pruned for a fuller look.
Coconut Palm
Royal Palm-Cuban
Pygmy Date Palm (Roebelinii)
The Bismarckia palm is a large, impressive, single stem tree.  It grows to heights of 30-60' and has a wide canopy of 20-30 leaves.  The color of the leaves ranges from blue-green to bronze-green, making an outstanding specimen plant for a large landscape area.  The Bismarckia is quite tolerant of dry conditions and light exposure.
The Reclinata (Senegal Date Palm) often consists of twenty or more stems in its un-pruned state.  This palm is a specimen plant most often used for accent in a location with sufficient room to accommodate the natural beauty of the many stems.  The trunks may be trimmed to create a more open cluster.  This palm is drought tolerant and requires a lot of light.
Also known as a Mexican fan palm, the Washingtonian grows to a height of 70- 100, the tallest of the hardier palms.  The canopy consists of 30 leafs, each fan can be 6' wide. A desert palm, this tree adapts well to a variety of water, soil, and temperature conditions.
Senegal Date Palm
Bismarck Palm
Washingtonian Fan Palm
This date palm is similar to the Canary Island date palm, but the leaves are somewhat shorter, 9-12' in length.  The typical canopy boasts 100 of these leaves   The beautiful blue-green foliage makes for an outstanding specimen tree that handles drought well.  The typical Sylvester Date Palm grows to heights of 40' and tolerates some cold weather.
This versatile decorative palm is well- suited for tropical and sub-tropical climates.  The foxtail is so named for the thick, bushy leaf.  It grows quickly and responds well to sunlight.  It thrives in a variety of soil conditions.  It can grow as a single tree, but is often found in multiples.
This slow-growing palm can be grown in a container or in the ground in a variety of conditions.  An established fan palm can thrive in dry conditions and in bright light, good drainage is necessary. The fan palm may be single, but most often occurs in clusters.
Foxtail Palm
Sylvester Wild Date Palm
European Fan Palm
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